Who We Are

Seropa Limited was founded in early 1999, our history goes back way further than 1999 though. In 1967 a metalwork company was set up going by the name of Stangard. Stangard eventually became less of a general metalworkers, and moved steadily but surely into the catering equipment industry, and quickly became one of the UK's major manufacturers and suppliers of catering equipment.

In 1998, Stangard went into administration though and a select few employees were handpicked to create a new company called Meridian Fabrication.

Meridian Fabrication, itself had a very short life, going into administration into 2001.

During Meridians short life, Seropa was formed, narrowing the select few down even further. All but one of the original Seropa team are still together, (one of the founders retired in 2020). We also have an apprentice on board these days.

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What We Do

Seropa Limited is primarily a bespoke catering equipment manufacturers. From stainless steel shelving, to stainless steel benches, from sink units to dishwash tabling, from heated gantries to hot cupboards. Whatever is required, in a kitchen/front of house area, we can do it. We are diverse enough to be able to tackle non-catering equipment manufacturing too though.

By combining our knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing side of things, with your knowledge and expertise in the requirements side of things we are able to supply equipment that will serve you well for years to come.

All the stainless steel on our equipment is 304 grade stainless steel with a satin finish (whereas others may use 304 grade stainless steel just for their tops, choosing to use cheaper stainless steel for their shelving, doors, paneling and legs).

CAD Drawing

Can We Help?

We like to think we can, even for less than usual items that need manufacturing, we will discuss possibilities with you and try to reach a solution. A quick glance at our gallery will enlighten you to what we are capable of, while at the same time revealing some of our less usual items that customers have asked us to manufacture.

A visit to our premises with sketches or CAD created drawings, or even just with an idea in your head could see your ideas becoming reality in no time.

Finding time to pop in and see us difficult? No problem. Give us a call or drop us an email instead.